Sam’s Training Week – 3/19 through 3/25

Ever wonder how the other half trains? How fast are the workouts? How slow are the easy days? Well, wonder no more. Starting today, we will feature a weekly installation of our club members’ weekly training. Our first training post will showcase Sam Stevens-Jones’ training for the week of March 19th through the 25th.

Sam is currently on the comeback from a nasty injury that put him out of commission from mid-September through early December. Sam has his eyes set on the Capital City Half Marathon on April 28th as his goal race for the Spring. His goals include breaking 1:10 for the half marathon, and coming as close as possible to the outright win. Pictured above is Sam’s last race, on September 16th when he won the Otterbein Cross Country Invitational. Will he be able to replicate his performance on the streets of Columbus on April 28th?

Outlined below is a glimpse of the work Sam has been putting in to ready himself for the roads. Questions, comments, and challenges are welcomed.

3/19 – 3/25: 90 miles in 11 runs over 7 days

  • Monday
    • AM: Easy 4 mile run
    • PM: Easy 10 mile run @ 7:20 pace
  • Tuesday
    • AM: Easy 4 mile run
    • PM: 3.5 mile warm-up, 4 mile tempo run @ 5:17 pace, 8 x :30s hills @ 5k effort, 2.5 mile cool-down
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Easy 8.5 mile run @ 7:15 pace
    • PM: Easy 4 mile run + strides
  • Thursday
    • AM: Easy 4.5 mile run
    • PM: Easy 8 mile run @ 7:00 pace
  • Friday
    • AM: 2 mile warm-up, 9 mile steady state run @ 5:30 pace (5:41, 5:39, 5:33, 5:35, 5:32, 5:27, 5:28, 5:23, 5:18), 1 mile cool-down
  • Saturday
    • AM: Easy 8 mile recovery run @ 7:30 pace
  • Sunday
    • AM: Easy 15 mile long run @ 7:05 pace



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